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PVS-14 Parts Kit With Accessories

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Carson Mil-spec coated optics, Mil-spec electronics, Single battery housing 

Accepts MX-10160 and MX-11769 image intensifier tubes (Not included) 

Accessories Included (Sacrificial Window, Daylight Cover, Demist Sheild, J-arm, Head Mount, Eye Cup, Carry Bag and Lanyard)

• Battery Housing (Single Battery Configuration) (274422-2)
• Battery Cap w/ Tether (275113-2)
• Monocular Housing (277705)
• Tube Retainer (5002569)
• 25mm Eye Piece Assembly (5009545-1)
• Sacrificial Window (A3144264)
• Neck Cord (A3144306)
• Purge Screw (A3144315)
• Purge Screw O-Ring (A3144316)
• Objective Lens Cap (A3144318)
• Close Focus Stop (A3144322)
• Objective Cell O-Ring (A3144323)
• Eye Cup Assembly (A3144422)
• Soft Case (A3187392)
• Objective Assembly (A3256342)
• Head Mount Adapter (J-arm) (A3256347)
• Demist Shield (A3256353)
• Eye Cup Adapter (A3256354)
• Battery/Monocular Housing O-Ring (A3256356-2)
• Objective Set Screw (A3256357)
• Light Pipe (A3256358)
• Objective Lock Ring (A3256360)
• Lens Paper
• Battery Housing Screws x4 (MS16995-2B)
• Operator’s Manual (TM11-5855-30610)


Build service and nitrogen purge service available for $95, please contact for details